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Waste Management

Council provide a weekly kerbside collection in all township areas.

For residents outside this area Council provides the choice of an en-route bin bank collection, dump vouchers or an en-route collection for those with access to their properties along the existing collection route. 

Council also have four waste transfer stations located at Tailem Bend, Meningie, Tintinara, & Coonalpyn. 

Kerbside/En-route and Bin Bank Collections

This service provides a weekly 140 litre Waste collection, a fortnightly kerbside 240 litre Green Organics collection and on the alternate fortnight provides a collection for the 240 litre Recycling bin.

  • 140 litre Red Lid Waste Bin (owned and maintained by resident)
  • 240 litre Yellow Lid Recycling Bin (owned and maintained by Council)
  • 240 litre Green Lid Organics Bin (owned and maintained by Council)

Please Click Here to refer to the collection area maps for this service. 

The current calendar outlining details of the kerbside collection service can be downloaded here: 2016/17 Kerbside Collection Calendar(3032 kb)

To apply for a waste collection service please click here to complete an online application form.  All fees associated with this service are detailed on the application form.

Current Bin Bank locations are: (Click on the location to open a map)



For more information on what goes in which bin please click on the following links

Red Waste Bin

Yellow Recycle Bin

Green Organics Bin

 Dump Vouchers

Dump Vouchers are available to rural rate payers of Council who do not reside within the township collection boundary. Residents applying for this service will be charged a yearly dump voucher fee.

Dump vouchers:

  • 12 Dump Vouchers (refer to fees and charges schedule)

Please note the following:

  • 1 Dump Voucher entitles the property owner to dispose of a 6x4 trailer (to water level)
  • Dump Vouchers must be presented to the Waste Depot Attendant on arrival
  • Vouchers are valid for the financial year only
  • Waste is to be deposited during scheduled operating times only.

To apply for dump vouchers please click here to complete an online application form or visit your nearest Council Office.   


Waste Transfer Stations 

The Coorong District Council operates the following waste transfer stations throughout the area for rural residents:




Tailem Bend Waste Depot
Granites Road - 4km north of Tailem Bend post office

Wednesday and Sunday

10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Coonalpyn Waste Depot
 (Tauragat Well Road - 3.5km north-east of Coonalpyn post office)

Wednesday and Sunday

12.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Tintinara Waste Transfer Station
(Dump Road - 2.5km south-east of Tintinara post office)

Wednesday and Sunday

11.00 am - 3.00 pm

Meningie Waste Transfer Station
(Yarindale Road - 1km south-east of Meningie post office)

Wednesday and Sunday

10.00 am - 4.00 pm


For a list of applicable fees and charges at the waste transfer stations please click here.


 To view the Waste Fees & Charges flyer
please Click here.

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FREE National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

TechCollect has launched a free e-waste recycling service for the general public and small business targeting unwanted computers and accessories, printers and televisions.

Unwanted computer equipment and televisions can be dropped off for recycling at any of Council's Waste Transfer Stations durring normal trading times, free of charge. The collected e-waste will then be recycled for use in manufacturing new products, instead of going into landfill.

Items that will be ACCEPTED:
  • Computer equipment including any brand of desktop, laptop, monitors, mice, keyboards, cables, drives and computer-related peripherals.
  • Printers and scanners
  • Televisions
Items that are NOT ACCEPTED through TechCollect:

*these items are accepted at the Waste Transfer Stations for a fee (refer to the Fees and Charges Schedule for fees)

  • Game consoles
  • Video recorders and DVD player
  • Whitegoods and household appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners, microwaves)
  • Power tools
  • Non-computer batteries
  • Radios and stereo equipment

Some important points

  • Drop-off and recycling is free for the general public and small business only.
  • It is your responsibility to delete any data from your devices.
  • For further information on e-waste recycling visit
  • For more detailed information about the TechCollect service within the Coorong Council area please call 1300 785 277.

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