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A four year joint research project with South Australian Research and Development Institute and the Cooperative Research Centre for Future Farming Industries supported by the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan recently concluded.

It explored research opportunities and pitfalls of introducing new perennial forage systems into grazing enterprises, particularly on mixed cropping farms. The research improved local understanding of how to best make use of fodder shrubs as part of a productive grazing system, particularly in regard to grazing shrubs in conjunction with other standing feed such as perennial pastures.

The information produced can be found in the fact sheets and technical report links below;

Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 1 - Native forage shrubs(934 kb)

Atriplex nummularia

Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 2 - Native forage shrubs – grazing management(483 kb)

Strip sheep grazing

Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 3 - Forage shrubs and supplements(1118 kb)

STRIP lucerne and saltbush

Fodder Shrubs Fact Sheet 4 - Forage shrubs as shelter belts and windbreaks(488 kb)

STRIP lines in the landscape

Fodder Shrubs Project Technical Report(1031 kb)

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